Wild Garlic Adventures in the hinter lands….

This weekend, i alongside some good friends packed our ginger pop and set off on a famous five adventure to  find and collect wild food from our close by environment. The plan was to collect wild garlic – leaves and heads, the beginnings of the elder flowers, and then set our dormant fins to water and try and fish for mackeral and prawns.

Nansidwell Woods…where the wild garlic lives….

This is my dog yuki – enjoying running through the woods.
the pathways in cornwall are abundant with cow parsley at the moment
Jo picking some elder flower heads – to make into elderflower and lemon cordial
Lemons and wild garlic
Elderflower heads, lemons, wild garlic leaves and wild garlic seeds
Almonds and fresh lemon balm from the garden makes a delicious home made pesto
Photo Print based on giant gunnera’s at Nansidwell