End of year shows..illustrations, textiles, photography and contemporary crafts

I am really lucky to live in a beautiful part of the uk, but this is also enhanced by being a university town, so the eclectic mix of locals, cornwall drawn escapees from other counties (i.e., – me), sea worn sailors and fishermen, city paced tourists, strong faced cornish women is added to by the slender hipped, bespectacled and earnest looking art students.

The Art School has lived here since 1902, and its roots are firmly established. In the 60’s Terry Frost and Peter Lanyon lectured here.  Leading artists such as Barbara Hepworth, Bryan Wynter and Patrick Heron were both generous with, and energetic in, their support of the School. The College expanded in 2003 and opened a new campus in the small town that I live in – Penryn.

Terry Frost

This time of the year, the whirl of intention is felt and finalised in a sigh of relief as the end of year shows are put up. And this year I popped along to catch a few different shows. Here are some links to people’s work i found interesting.

Contemporary Craft

  Mayumi Yamashita’s small scale works are both humerous, detailed and full of narrative.


As a collector of china I really enjoyed Stroma Alexander Sinclair’s cheeky play on tea party life, interspersing cutoff china with animal tails, cakes and jelly like resins.


Stephanie Tadhunter’s kiln formed recycled green glass.

Eleanor Wrights origami influenced plastic birds.

Really liked Anna Roberts raw and geometric designs.

Louisa Mills traps colour in plastic and mixes it up with mirrors so that a smooth white shell opens up to reveal colour, texture and reflection.


I really liked Marco Kesseler’s work and especially his work on Albania. Marco focuses on long term, in depth studies relating to social and political issues, which has seen him travelling to The Balkans and the Middle East. He has been granted a scholarship from The Peter Kirk Memorial Fund, to continue documenting the ongoing blood feuds of Albania.



Also enjoyed James Allen work especially his photos on people whom are suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Really enjoyed Samantha Clinks work which she has put to film, focusing on the different ways people express their creativity – check her out!

You can discover more work form other photography students here – http://www.leshow.co.uk/

BA Illustration



Check out more from the Illustration course.



Its been quite an inspiring day. I’m trying to take it all in, let it sit for a while and think about my direction with the many creative projects swimming around in my head.

Hope you enjoyed my foray into my life and the town and its creative inhabitants.

Where i live…

Cheers – keri – Humble Cottage xx


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