Todays blog post is all about creatures of the forest. I live in a small town but my cottage backs onto some woods where the hoot of the owls live. There are house sparrows expanding their family under the eaves of my roof and field mice competing for seed with the birds. In homage to my fellow neighbours, i have curated a page of art, music, poetry and some diy craft activities to fill these rain filled days of summer – enjoy. x
waste another day 5x7

waste another day- by doubleparlour on etsy

Why don’t you make yourself an owl doll...


You can download this Jo James Doll for free and follow the instructions.

Listen to Phosphorescent sing about Wolves

Make an electrified fox lamp…follow these instructions at Matsutake-



Hamlet noticed them in the shapes of clouds,
but I saw them in the furniture of childhood,
creatures trapped under surfaces of wood,
one submerged in a polished sideboard,
one frowning from a chair-back,
another howling from my mother’s silent bureau,
locked in the grain of maple, frozen in oak.
I would see these presences, too,
in a swirling pattern of wallpaper
or in the various greens of a porcelain lamp,
each looking so melancholy, so damned,
some peering out at me as if they knew
all the secrets of a secretive boy.
Many times I would be daydreaming
on the carpet and one would appear next to me,
the oversize nose, the hollow look.
So you will understand my reaction
this morning at the beach
when you opened your hand to show me
a stone you had picked up from the shoreline.
“Do you see the face?” you asked
as the cold surf circled our bare ankles.
“There’s the eye and the line of the mouth,
like it’s grimacing, like it’s in pain.”
“Well, maybe that’s because it has a fissure
running down the length of its forehead
not to mention a kind of twisted beak,” I said,
taking the thing from you and flinging it out
over the sparkle of blue waves
so it could live out its freakish existence
on the dark bottom of the sea
and stop bothering innocent beachgoers like us,
stop ruining everyone’s summer.
You could give a mouse a home and make one of these
Listen to Mountain Man sing about animal tracks…
And then maybe you could learn the sounds of different birds with the help of the BBC-
Blackbird Cetti's Warbler, copyright owned by RSPB. Blue Tit Curlew, copyright owned by Tom Marshall, RSPB.
You could spread the bird love and make some wings for children or upsize them into adult versions….
DIY Bird Wings for Children
You could make yourself a woodland themed tote bag here
tote bags with animal templates
Plaster Faux Deer Head
And finally watch this great video From the belated Middle East..i love the papercut imagery and the house in the woods…
Hope you enjoyed todays post..get crafting, listening, following animal tracks – keri – Humble Cottage x

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