Welcome to the new blog from Humble Cottage. My name is keri valentine and i am lucky to live in cornwall in the south west of england – i love it here and it inspires all of my work. I make vintage inspired tiles and upcycle these images onto vintage china, as well as selling original photos and prints. Humble Cottage is my work, but it is fueled by my passions. This space is to share my new work but also to share with you the  influences behind my work, so expect to find stories from walks, recipes, responses to the weather, things that i find inspiring, links to other people work; meanderings in cornwall, flavours, textures, moments, emotions, markets, faces, poetry……

Since i got my first camera as a grownup i have been drawn to small details as well as the bigger picture, i now walk around with my new photographers eye and it is this as well as my emotional response to landscape that drives my picture taking. I am an avid fan of markets – all of them (well almost) – flea markets, car boots , food markets, craft markets the ones the W.I. run and the little small ones in the back of village halls, i am drawn to the things left on the floor but also the face’s that are letting them go…i particularly like vintage china and my dog Yuki likes the on floor boxes that contain the 20p soft toys that children no longer want. I like food, all food, the sweet, the sour, the strange, the stories behind recipes  and the small details that we all add to make things are own, i like finding my own food in the woods, the seashore, the fields that surround my little cottage and contemplating what to do with them…preserving in vinegars, syrups, marinades, wines, cordials. I get inspired by other peoples ideas and love of creating, i love handmade, refound, remade and i hope this blog will celebrate the small details that we all add to the bigger picture of life..oh and i love singing, dancing, walking and oh yes i do love …silence.

Cornish Beach


  1. Hi Keri, lovely photos- I am looking forward to seeing what happens on your blog. Cornwall is just so beautiful!
    I also wanted to warn you that your banner photo is huuuuuge, and takes a very very very long time to load on my computer…

    • HI Wai-Yuk – thanks for the feedback. I’ve got quite a powerful computer so hadn’t noticed that…i’ve made the banner photo smaller now – so hopefully it loads a bit quicker – let me know how it goes! – keri

  2. hello, im an art student and ive lived in cornwall for 10 years now, i just love the inspiration all around us and i blog now too to show my creations and meet other artists. i shall keep my eye out for your work 🙂

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