Vintage Inspired Tiles

The core of Humble Cottage’s products is a large selection of vintage inspired marble / limestone/ travertine tiles that i sell. The following pictures are a selection of some of them. I sell them for £4 each or 4 tiles for £15 – if you are interested in buying any of them, i can make them to order and you can pay by paypal or bank transfer. I also can make tiles to commissioned order so if you have any ideas on themes for a particular person or yourself – the sea, boats, flowers, the twenties, owls, hares etc – then please contact me –




  1. loving these! caught a glimpse of them in a photo you had on your blog for the retro fayre in exeter. How are they displayed, what uses do you suggest people put them to.? I am trying to think how I can use them in my house

    • Hi, They are sold as coasters, but people often use them just decoratively. People sometimes pu hooks on the back and use them as decorative hooks. Hope this helps! x

      • thanks keri. Will be in touch. Need a change of decor and want to fit them in. Might not be for a few weeks, but will def keep them in mind. Would really like to see them for real. Wadebridge is my closest fayre, but I am away that weekend on a hen do. Are you going to go to crikey its vintage again? sue x

  2. I loooove these! I especially like the black and whites, like the one with the bearded man and the woman. The one with the two little kiddies holding the candle is awesome too, as well as the one to the top left of it. Great work, and I love your blog! Just stumbled across it..

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